Where To Buy

The best place to buy our ice cream is locally in the Cincinnati area. We want to support our local businesses, so we encourage people to buy from the stores listed below. If you are not local to this area then you can buy our ice cream online through this website.


Here are some local (awesome!) establishments that carry Sung's Treats Ice Cream:

Liberty Farm Market (5850 Princeton Road, Liberty Township, OH 45011) - Our ice cream is in the freezer section in the back-left part of the store. Occasionally, there are free samples of ice cream there as well to try-before-you-buy.

Oakley Kitchen (3715 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209) - Our ice cream is located in the freezer next to the wall of coolers (left-side) in the downstairs Marketplace area. Note, there is a kiosk (to pay for the ice cream) near the base of the stairs.