Come here for updates on our ice cream business!


March 17, 2023:  Sung's Treats is now open for business!  You can order online at our website,


October 1, 2023:  You can now buy our ice cream locally at the Liberty Farm Market.  This farmer's market has a lot of local produce as well as a limited selection of Sung's Treats ice cream.


October 8, 2023:  We attended the Fall Fest at Liberty Farm Market.  Even though it was chilly out, people were eating and enjoying ice cream.  Ice cream ... a truly year-round dessert!


November 21, 2023:  We had a fun time passing out free samples of ice cream at the Liberty Farm Market on Turkey Day.


January 3, 2024:  We are honored to have been accepted as an Ohio Proud Partner.  This means that over 50% of our ice cream's ingredients are grown, raised, or processed in Ohio.  You can find out more about this program and our business at Ohio Proud Partner.




February 27, 2024:  There is a new location to buy Sung's Treats ice cream.  It's at the Oakley Kitchen.  The Oakley Kitchen is a food hall with a wide variety of eats.


April 2, 2024:  We were honored to make it on the Restaurants10 list.  Come check our listing here!


April 22, 2024:  Wow, we had a wonderful photoshoot and interview with City Lifestyle magazine (West Chester and Liberty Township).  I'm so looking forward to reading the article in their June 2024 edition.


April 24, 2024:  Come by the Oakley Kitchen at their Sip & Shop Event on 4/27/2024 (Saturday) from 11 AM - 4 PM for some FREE ice cream samples!


April 27, 2024:  We were at the Oakley Kitchen's Sip & Shop Event on 4/27/2024. We gave away over 200 ice cream samples in 5 hours. The Ube flavor was a big hit!