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"All I can say is WOW that was good!  Thank you so much!  You are really talented….we absolutely loved it." -- Larry (4/2/2023).


"Our family has enjoyed several of the handmade flavor creations! Mummy Mint chocolate chip (without any color dyes), cookies and scream (plenty of cookie pieces) and cursed chocolate all with quality ingredients.  Also love the unique flavors like Ube! Always prompt responses after ordering, delivered quickly with careful consideration to keeping it fresh in a cooler. Looking forward to ordering more!" -- Venessa (6/8/2023).


"Ordered special-chocolate with cookie dough and oreo's. Rich but so good! Love the smoothness of it! Hard not to eat it all at once! Will be ordering more again soon. We love being able to personalize the label for gifts!" -- Vicki (6/8/2023).


"the flavor was exceptional and the texture was really creamy" regarding her Premium Custom order of Coffee-Toffee ice cream -- Stephanie (10/10/2023).


"This ice cream tastes the way ice cream used to taste." -- Jen (11/17/2023).


"I am in ice cream heaven right now.  This is delicious.  Thank you so much!!!" -- Kate (4/10/2024).