About Us

Sung’s Treats is a small business selling online that specializes in making fresh, handmade, and custom ice cream.  It is not about being another 'big name' ice cream brand.  It is about building relationships with our local community and providing ice cream to all those who appreciate the wonders of this dessert.


People are astounding by the taste of our ice cream.  I tell them that making it fresh, using less (if any) stabilizers/emulsifiers, and sourcing the highest quality/local ingredients, it makes all the difference in the taste.  Plus, it does not hurt that we overload ingredients in there too.  Speaking of being a local supplier to the Ohio community, Sung's Treats is honored to be an Ohio Proud Partner.  This means that over 50% of our ice cream's ingredients are grown, raised, or processed in Ohio.


We make ice cream in small batches.  It takes more time to do it this way (so please be patient), but it allows us to make the ice cream your way.  If you want peppermint, chocolate ice cream in June then we are here for you.  If you want peach ice cream with raspberries and blackberries then check out our Premium Creations item for full customization.


We can apply some personalized information on the container (see our 'Limited Personalization' webpage for more details).  If there is a special person, event, or occasion then let them know.  After all, gift giving is about being personal, isn't it?


If you simply want to eat a bunch of ice cream then you have many choices already available.  Sung’s Treats is about providing ice cream in customized flavors, made in small batches by hand, using local suppliers for high-quality ingredients.  That is the Sung’s Treats difference and you will taste it in every bite.  Enjoy!!


Thank you for your business, Stephen.